Building a New Daily

Although I adore the Mercedes, sometimes it can be a bit frustrating on longer commutes. Seeing that I don’t enjoy taking the car over 60mph on the highway, getting anywhere quickly isn’t a thing. Plus it is time for the ol girl to get some love.

Long story short, my coworker has a little collection of Honda’s. He used to daily drive a B18b swapped EK Sedan, after getting a new TSX he no longer drove it. He gave the car to his brother, who daily drove it as well, until he suffered from Kidney failure. Now thate he is on dialysis, and the car is too harsh on him.

My coworker asked me one day if I wanted to buy the car, for a good deal too. At the time I didn’t have the funds for it, and instead he offered his close friend the parts off of it for a nice low price of $1,000. The car was now a shell.

One day he offered me the shell for free, and of course I accepted it with the image of a cheap daily driver project.

Here she is, a 1997 Honda Civic; no engine, transmission, missing a headlight, and with a broken crappy hood.

After hunting Craigslist for a couple of weeks, finally this 1998 Honda Civic HX (boring VTEC) popped up for sale. The car was hit by a truck while it was parked and totaled the thing. Supposedly the drivetrain was completely intact and drove.

We met up with the guy the following morning, drove it around the block, and $300 later we had an Engine, Transmission, Axles, Wiring, ECU, and various body components.

We drove it back to my shop, and immediately started pulling it apart. With the help of my coworker (the Honda whisperer) he walked me through the way of the Honda D-Series lol.

After putting together a list of everything I should preventative replace on the donor engine, I hoped on RockAuto and spent another $300 for just about everything you would need to replace on one of these simple little D16Y5’s.


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