DIY: Fix a Loose EK Civic Rearview Mirror

It seems that the “loose / floppy” mirror on the 1996-2000 Honda Civic is a common issue.

Out of the two EK Civics I’ve owned, they both had some very floppy mirrors. Which whenever I would hit a little bump in the road, the mirror would swing down.

I thought I would post a quick little DIY on how to fix this issue. This is a very easy fix and can be done for free assuming you have some hand tools.

You’ll need a whopping:

  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver (or something to pry with)
  • A Phillips Screwdriver
  • A Torx T20 bit
  • Pliers (preferably two)

First you start by popping the rear view mirror base cover off. Carefully with either a flat head or a none scoring interior tool.

Please excuse the Broadway mirror on my coworkers Civic!

This will reveal the three phillips screws attaching the mirror to the car. Remove these, obviously they’re going to fall into the dark abyss below your seats. Try and prevent this.

Now with the mirror removed from the car, you will find a small black cover. Pop this guy off. You should now be able to see a Torx T20 screw holding down the “tension spring”

If you don’t have a Torx often times you can stuff a flat head in there and make it work.

Using your T20 Torx, remove this screw, and separate the tension spring from the mirror.

You will now bend the metal tab to increase it’s tension. You want to bend the section of metal where the screw passes through upward, that way as you tighten down the Torx screw it squishes down on the pivot joint more.

Excuse the blurry picture, but you can see what you’re looking for. I bent this one quite a bit, to give it a lot of tension, as this is in my coworkers track car!

Now reassemble everything.

Congratulations, you can now drive without having to adjust your mirror every block.

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