Audi B5 A4 Yakima Q Tower Rack

Since I've recently retired my Audi 90Q, and have since replaced it with a 1998 Audi A4 Quattro Sedan, I've been wanting to transfer my roof rack from my Audi 90Q onto the B5. Being a Q-Tower setup, I couldn't find much information on which clips to use for the Q Tower System. Even on... Continue Reading →

Donor Engine Coming Together!

After ripping apart the 1998 Civic HX Donor car, I've managed to pull the following parts out of it for the 4 Door car. D15Y5 Engine Transmission Axles Shift Linkage ECU Engine Wiring Harness (likely not going to getting used) Headlights Hood Brake Caliper Center Console Interior Pieces With the engine out of the car,... Continue Reading →

Put the color matched 240D steelies on the wagon, looks way better! 

Scraping, Welding, and swearing 

Once we went to change the oil on Katie's GS650, we realized someone had stripped the drain plug pretty good, and attempted to cure this issue by covering the drain plug with RTV and Teflon tape! Rather than trying to just bandaid a bandaid, we opted to install a new Oil Pan and OEM gasket. ... Continue Reading →

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