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1320 Performance S2k Test Pipe Review

I feel confident is saying that many S2000 owners who have “louder” exhaust systems can agree that these cars love to drone. Cruising on the highway at 60mph, can just about make your ears ring.

About a year ago I installed a V-Band clamp near the rear section of my AP1’s exhaust, that way I could easily swap out different exhaust setups for what I was doing. Single exit straight pipe for the track, a muffled single exit for cruising around, and the stock mufflers for stealth!

As time has gone on, I’ve just been leaving straight pipe in, and enjoying the sound of the F20C. But dear lord, that highway drone is terrible. One common solutions to this is to replace the factory catalytic converter with a catless “test pipe”, removing the catalytic converter altogether. This can also lead to a more refined note and better flow (maybe a few extra HP too).

After looking at the options, I considered the Invdia, the Berks, and the Skunk2. But decided to save a few bucks and try out the 1320 Performance 60mm Test Pipe for the S2000. Which came with new hardware, gaskets, and a built in “CEL-Fix”. The CEL-Fix is essentially a little restrictor for the secondary oxygen sensor, which tricks the ECU into thinking the catalytic converter is still present.

Now to the test pipe itself!

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