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S2000 Introduction

Before this S2k I had a 2001 Audi S4. Which was a great car, but I was starting to go to the track more, and I felt like I was having to fix something every time I went out there. I’ve always wanted an S2000, specifically the AP1. 

Lightweight, rev-happy, driver oriented, and reliable. 

I eventually found this car, a 2003 Spa Yellow Pearl S2000. Which at the time was bone stock (well, with some hideous wheels). It originally belonged to a fellow who also owned an NSX, a RSX Type-S, and this S2000(which was actually his wife’s car)

I bought her back in 2015, with less than 100,000mi on the ODO, from a Nissan dealership (pervious owner used it for trade in on a new 370Z). I ended up having them, and getting them to drop the price down to $7,500. Which I believe to be a pretty good deal for a <100k mile car, with a clean title. 

Later on down the road, the car would reveal some bad body work. And some normal wear components needing to be replaced!